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My Many Moods

“Who am I?” I sometimes ask.
Are multi-tinted moods my mask?
How indecisive can I be?
There are so many sides to me!

Are my eyes brown or green or blue?
They seem to change their very hue.
One day I’m blonde and sweetly sad.
I’ll loll in lace or pine in plaid.

My hair may shine reluctant red,
But still I can’t get out of bed.
As dark brunette I’ll sit and brood—
On outfits that will change my mood

A tattered dress, a bow, a frill,
Flowers, prints—an empty thrill.
My wardrobe seems to overflow,
But boredom follows where I go.

And yet—I crave more clothes. It’s strange.
Excuse me while I go and change.
Oh, sorry…Where did I begin?
Who am I? I’m just—Ellowyne.

Poem by Ellowyne Wilde ©2008


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