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March ~ 2010

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New Moon

"... there was just one thing
 that I had to believe
to be able to liveó
I had to know that he existed.
That was all.
 Everything else I could endure.
 So long as he existed."

Bella Swan
 New Moon


















Isabella's outfit by HazelStreetDezigns








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Alice's and Isabella's sweaters hand-knitted by Marie-Helene Brande


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Happy Birthday, Bella!
September 13th


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Weddding Day
August 13th





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Jacob and Bella


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New Moon
"The Meadow"

It was the same place, of that I was instantly sure.... It was the same place...but it didn't hold what I had been searching for.

I was alone and disappointed.

Suddenly I saw a figure emerge from the trees.






"I didn't expect to see you here. ...When I found the Cullen place empty, I thought they'd moved on."

He moved gracefully forward towards me.



"Iím surprised they left you behind. Werenít you sort of a pet of theirs?

...Do they visit often?"



the beautiful velvet voice whispered from my memory.




"How much could you mean to him, if he left you here, unprotected?

(Another blow, another tear through my chest.)

"But I can't help myself, you're so mouth watering."



Laurent paused in the act of inhaling and whipped his head abruptly to the left.

"I don't believe it," he said, his voice so low that I barely heard it.

And then, he was retreating away from me.


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