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Helen Kish

















"Ooh La La" outfit by Janice Mundy





Outfit by Ruby Red Galleria






Riley's dress by Janice Mundy




Hannah (Contempo Riley)
in a sweater set by Gerda
Skirt by jcygnet





Riley's Pilgrim outfit by Janice Mundy








Nell's First day of nursery school



See you later, old friend




New friends



After school



More new friends



Time to go home now


Nell and Riley's dresses by Mrs. Bobbinsew








Riley's dress by Mrs.Bobbinsew

Anne's outfit by Netguru1

James' outfit and carriage linens by jcygnet



















"Adorable in Dragonflies" outfit by Sue Dean



























Riley's adorable outfit by "mysewcreations"

















Puppy Love




Riley's "Denim Blues"  outfit by jcygnet









Baby Anne's "Rosebuds" sweater set by jcygnet





Lavender and pink sweater and tam by bel_designe
Pants by Bev Beese









Dress by jcygnet








So pretty in pink

Riley is as sweet as cotton candy
in her pink and white floral dress trimmed with gingham ribbons.


Pink dress by jcygnet.
Shoes and tights by Kish.










Riley and Laci enjoy a good book.



"Look Laci...the more you read, the smarter you get!"



Riley wards off winter's chill with
 her favourite red sweater and wooly plaid skirt.

Red hand-knit angora sweater by Gerda.
Plaid skirt by jcygnet.
White tights and shoes by Kish.


Decorating the Christmas Tree





The Joy of Christmas Presents






Happy Easter, Riley




Spring Portrait

Riley is wearing an adorable dress of blue floral cotton with eyelet and ribbon trim and matching straw hat.

Cotton dress and matching hat by jcygnet
Tights and MaryJane shoes by Kish






Who can resist little Riley's angel hugs?






First Snowflakes of Winter

Riley could not wait to play outside when she say the first snow flakes of Winter.

Riley's adorable aqua fleece hooded jacket, pink turtleneck, and print pants
by Bev Beese


Daddy's girl

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